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via Flickr, © Nina Faulhaber

Simplon BP is featured in ON-TYPE: Texte zur Typographie exhibition in Gutenberg-Museum Mainz (Germany).

As last year, Demian Conrad Design designed a striking identity for the Lausanne Underground Music & Film Festival 2011.
A very unique opportunity to see Euclid BP alternates in use before the typeface is released.

“This year the LUFF superstar is Diamanda Galás and to create a unique poster we used a special font designed by the type designer Emmanuel Rey. Thanks to a great range of alternate we could customize the typography in a rich and radical way.”
— Demian Conrad

Euclid BP will be soon available via b+p swiss typefaces.

My upcoming font, Euclid BP, used by Barneys New York.

Preview of Euclid BP (+ ligatures & alternates), my upcoming font by b+p swiss typefaces.

Preview of Euclid BP (+ alternates), my upcoming font by b+p swiss typefaces.

Print Magazine
Redefining Design 65.1
February 2011

Project Projects
Collaboration—All Together Now?
A special section of Print guest edited and designed by Project Projects.

The New York design studio Project Projects choosed Simplon BP Mono as headline font for the Prudence Peiffer’s article in Print Magazine, a bimonthly magazine about visual culture and design.
More informations about this issue, design, content and fonts here.

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Euclid BP was featured in the first issue of Poster Tribune.
They asked me to explain the font, here is what I wrote:

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Simplon BP Mono in use in Wallpaper* magazine (May 2011).

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More than 1 year ago, Josie Majetic asked me for Simplon BP Mono, as it was still under developement.
She sends me the result of her work some weeks ago.
I added it directly to my collection of self-published newspapers:

Selfmade Magazine #1
Hand Job

Idea, concept and layout: Josie Majetic
Editor: Josie Majetic
Release: February 2011
Size: 40 x 60 cm, 24 pages
Language: german
Typefaces: Simplon BP Mono and Futura STD Condensed
Specials: limited edition of 200
Price: € 12,50 (buy here)

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A lot of people are asking me when Euclid BP will be available.

It will come in 5 weights + italics at the end of the year.

I am happy to announce that a very unique cut, Euclid BP Beta Bold, will soon be available from our website:  b+p swiss typefaces.
This will keep you busy until the complete typeface family is ready.

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Une série de photographies réalisées par Michel Bonvin autour d’une bouteille dessinée

Espacechallens 13
Avenue d’Echallens 13

Vernissage le 26.05 de 18h00 à 21h00
Exposition du 27.05 au 26.06.2011

Photography: Michel Bonvin
Graphic Design: Celine Tissot
Typeface: Simplon BP Mono

Simplon BP is now available from b+p swis typefaces.
The complete family has 16 fonts:
Simplon BP Light + Italic
Simplon BP Regular + Italic
Simplon BP Medium + Italic
Simplon BP Bold + Italic
Simplon BP Mono Light + Italic
Simplon BP Mono Regular + Italic
Simplon BP Mono Medium + Italic
Simplon BP Mono Bold + Italic

You can have an overview of all style here, or download the PDF specimen.


IDPURE [the swiss magazine for visual creation — graphic design / typography] chose Suisse BP typeface family (by Ian Party) for their new formula re-designed by Raphael Verona.
You can have a look at it online.
Suisse BP & Simplon BP will be released on May 4th via b+p swiss typefaces.

Simplon BP & MetricsMachine.

More infos on MetricMachine here.

Simplon BP Mono & UFOstretch tool.

More infos on UFOstretch here.
Simplon BP Mono will be released in May via b+p swiss typefaces.


Aber rein deswegen habe ich mir die Ausgabe gar nicht gekauft. Mir ist beim durchblättern nämlich gleich die Typo ins Auge gesprungen. Adeline Mollard und Floyd Schulze – verantwortlich für die Gestaltung – verwenden die drei großartigen Schriften: Simplon von Emmanuel Rey, Romain BP von Ian Party und Larish Neue von Radim Peško. Und auch sonst gefällt mir der grafische Auftritt des OPAK sehr gut.

Article on OPAK magazine and Simplon BP typeface on the Slanted Magazin blog.
Read it here (german).

1976, 4th April: The Sex Pistols play the first night of a residency at the El Paradiso club in Soho, London. Rotten tells ‘Sounds’: “I hate shit. I hate hippies and what they stand for. I hate long hair. I hate pub bands . . . I want people to see us and start something, or else I’m just wasting my time”. (via

For the Pistols typeface shown above, I was inspired by the following flyer – the first flyer of the Sex Pistols.
35 years ago:

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Work in progress.

OPAK release party #02, via

Three posters for OPAK release parties, using Simplon BP and Simplon BP Mono typefaces.
OPAK magazin, Berlin;
– Design by Adeline Mollard & Floyd Schulze.

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My room in Berlin:
Left: a black/white silkscreen print of a painting by JIA (limited edition 15/20, signed by the artist);
Right: Kool Killer poster, by myself, designed with Euclid Bold, Simplon BP and Title fonts + custom letterings.

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AMI (Adeline Senn, Martin Maeder, Ismaël Abdallah) is a young visual communication studio based in Geneva/Switzerland.
They use Euclid Bold (under developement) as their corporate font.
Here below are some examples:

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New OPAK cover featuring, as usual, Simplon BP.

Photography: Estelle Hanania

Work in progress #2: Simplon BP Mono Bold diacritics.

Work in progress #1: Simplon BP Medium character set, 785 glyphs.

Poster: Euclid Bold in usevia

Next exhibition poster for the Musée des beaux-arts de La Chaux-de-Fonds.
A beta version of my Euclid Bold font is part of their new corporate identity.

Graphic design: onlab

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